June 4, 2020

Today we were making pictures using natural materials

with Pigs and Pheasants, Dragons, Owls and Salt Water Crocodiles!

We also practised out tree ID which everyone is very good at now, and had a listen to the trees, we discovered that each tree makes a different sound.


March 5, 2020

It was wonderful to see the children in their various different outfits today. I met several Matilda's, a wolf, Disney princesses, crayons, knights, superheroes and many more....

March 5, 2020

Today Willow were very excited to unveil their new reading corner.  With the help of fairies, Winnie the Witch, Harry Potter, Fantastic Mr Fox and many more favourite book characters, the Reading Corner was declared open!

March 5, 2020

We splashed, we cut daffodils, we splashed......we splashed some more.....then we called it a day. What these photographs do not show is the grinning and laughing.

March 5, 2020

Elsa, Anna, Peter, Goldilocks, Gruffalo and a whole many more book characters descended on the classroom today....

February 28, 2020

Despite the very wet weather conditions Chestnut class managed to enjoy their Primary Forest School lesson today. Part of the lesson was spent learning first aid skills and then the children enjoyed toasting and eating marshmallows outside.

February 28, 2020

On Wednesday members of Chestnut Class prepared, cooked and enjoyed a Mayan Banquet.  

February 27, 2020

We have become dinosaurs, gone on a dinosaur hunt, made dinosaur footprints , sung like dinosaurs (honestly) and chased Mr C away in a dinosaur way ! 

We even invented "glocks!" as one of the photos reveals.