Monkey World Visit

Eagles Class were thrilled to invite our friend Annie back to help us with our learning this afternoon. As the Education Officer at Monkey World, Annie was able to give us lots of information about the primates living in a mountain habitat. Thank you for coming, Annie!

Big Garden Birdwatch

Every class in our school has thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Emma and Jan from the RSPB today. We were so surprised at the number of birds we managed to spot! We listened carefully so that we could hear different bird calls, and also used an identification sheet to help us.

Patient Pointillism!

Using mountains as our inspiration, Eagles class have shown great patience and perseverance whilst producing some fantastic paintings using pointillism. Look closely at the examples below, and you will see they are created using lots of tiny dots. I am sure you will agree that the finished pieces look beautiful. If you want to see all of our pointillism efforts, do come along to the Good Work assembly this week!

Micro-habitat hunting

Today we went outside on a micro-habitat hunt. We found some woodlice, worms and spiders and recorded the micro-habitat where they were found. We had great fun!

Wessex Water visits for engaging science lesson

Duncan Forbes kindly visited the school to help us learn all about the Water Cycle, how water travels from the house to the river and how it is cleaned at the sewage works. We had great fun acting as scientists discovering how much chlorine is in water, how hard the water is and the pH. We also learnt about how different materials should or shouldn't be put down the toilet by performing a fair test.

Tasty Instructions

We hope you were impressed with the crispy cakes and iced biscuits the children brought home this week. We have become very good at following instructions. Watch out though .... next week we are writing instructions to do with dragons!

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