An unusual visitor ...

If you have a child or friend in Eagles Class, I am sure you will have heard about the strange happenings in our classroom! Yesterday, we came in from break to find upturned tables and some large, unusual eggs on the floor. We put the eggs into our role-play area, only to find today that there had been a commotion in our room and the eggs had hatched! Here are some photos of the English work we have done surrounding our dragon visitor. Some of us painted eggs and used original adjectives to describe them, whilst others used materials to help them think of descriptions using our senses. Today we searched for signs of where the dragon might have flown to, and did some super creative writin

Cosy Nooks for Books!

Just before half-term, I launched a challenge for all the children in our school. Yesterday we had children from every class bringing in photos of themselves reading in unusual and imaginative places. Here are a selection of the cosy nooks we have found for reading our books! There is also a growing display of all the photos in the school library. Do please keep on sending in your photos. You will have until the end of this week to earn extra house points for taking part in the challenge! Remember you can email your photos to the school office if you want to. Happy reading!

Home Learning Projects

It was wonderful to see the children after our half-term holiday this morning, and fantastic to see them entering the classroom with such superb Home Learning Projects! The children have been sharing their masterpieces this afternoon, and have enthusiastically given each other new facts about mountains. I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to all the adults at home who have supported the children in making, writing, designing and building. Here are some of the Home Learning Projects for you to enjoy!

Getting Political!

Pinemartens and Eagles were thrilled to welcome Roz from the Parliamentary Education Service today. She led an assembly for the whole of Key Stage 2, and was able to explain a bit more about how the law is agreed and managed. Each class then took part in a workshop where they had to debate the issue of homework in Primary Schools. As you can imagine, the children had a lot to say!

Anti-Bullying Week

Throughout the school, we have been discussing the issue of bullying. In Eagles Class, we considered the impact our words can have on others. We used an apple to illustrate that although it can appear fine on the outside, the bruises inside can remind us of how words can hurt our feelings. We also passed glitter between us and thought about how our words are like glitter. You can try to brush glitter off but there's always some left behind. In the same way, we need to remember that our unkind words always leave a reminder and it's nearly impossible to get rid of what you've said once you've said it. Finally we practised a rhyme: Before you speak, Think and be smart, It's hard to fix A w

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