A Surprise Letter!

Mrs Robinson brought a letter into our classroom this morning ... and it looked a bit unusual! It was very large, and was covered in gold. When we opened it lots of glitter came out with a special letter. The letter was from Father Christmas! He has asked us to write to him to tell him what we would like for Christmas. Today we have started to think of some ideas and over the next few days we will write our letters. When we have finished, we are going to put the letters in an envelope and walk down the street to post them. Here are our drawings of what we would like for Christmas.

Colourful Learning!

This week in Ladybirds we have been exploring what happens when you mix different colours. We have found out that red and blue make purple, blue and yellow make green, red and yellow make orange. We have also been doing some colourful maths learning! We have been looking at repeating patterns and have even sorted things into groups according to their colour.

What's In The Box?

The children in Ladybirds were very excited this morning as there was a big box in our classroom and we had no idea what was in it! After a few guesses (perhaps a cup or a bag of tricks?) we opened the parcel. We were very excited to see that it was a new xylophone to go in our outside area! We want to say a very large 'thank you' to Purbeck Village Quire who have kindly donated the money for this purchase. We can't wait to start using it today during our Explore Time!

The Magic Box

A member of Eagles Class came to see me today to show me some fantastic writing! He explained that first he had to think of ideas, then he wrote it out in rough. After that, he had to edit and improve it before writing a final copy. He was very proud of all his efforts and we are very proud of him too!

Remembrance Service

This morning, we were pleased to welcome Mr Parr (from the Royal British Legion), Rev. Carol and Mr Matthews to join us for our Remembrance Service. Every child made a poppy to bring in with them to the service, and lots of the singing and readings were done by lamp light. Pine Martens Class performed a poem by John McCrae called 'Flanders Fields' and some other poppy poems. It was a very thought provoking and reflective service.

Independent Learning

Throughout each day, the children in Ladybirds class know that sometimes they will learn with the help of an adult and sometimes they will learn independently. This afternoon, some children were 'proud lions' because they had made things to do with the story of 'Stickman' by Julia Donaldson. "This is Stick Man's tree house. He is running away from the dog" "This is a ship which Stick Man could use to not get caught in the nest" "This is Stick Man's tree house and it has a carpet and a ladder" "This is a space rocket to help Stick Man get back to his family tree" "We made beds for Stick Man and they have pillows too" We had a space rocket "that stickman could use to get back to his family t


For the next couple of weeks, the children in Ladybirds are practising their formation of numbers. We don't just use a pencil and paper though! Today we have been writing in coloured rice with our fingers, using squashy paint bags, shaping playdough, drawing with a paintbrush in glitter and even bending pipe cleaners to make our numbers!

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