Visit From the Police

This morning we welcomed PCSO Jake Williams and his friends into our classroom so that they could tell us all about their job. In fact, they parked a police van in the playground! We had lots of fun asking questions, exploring the van and finding out about how police officers help us. Thank you for coming, Jake!

A Visit from the Fire Service

We had an extremely exciting Monday morning today, as Jon Sweet from the fire service came to talk to us. He told us some stories and helped us remember what to do if there is a fire: get out, stay out, phone 999. We even got to dress up as fire fighters! Later on, we were joined by some more fire fighters and they brought a fire engine with them too! Our favourite bit was when we got to spray water with the hose! We are really enjoying learning about how the fire service help us.

Marvellous Maths!

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to our Maths Open Afternoon today. It was lovely to see you and we really enjoyed sharing our learning activities. From numbers to shape, capacity to weight, we had a lot of fun and we hope you did too!

A Visit from the RNLI

Alan came to see Ladybirds Class today. He told us all about how the RNLI save lives at sea. We watched some videos and saw the lifeboats and the volunteers saving people (and even a dog!) We also spotted dangers when we explored a poster with a picture of a beach. He found out what different coloured flags mean as well. Thank you for coming, Alan!

A Visit from a Nurse

Ladybirds Class have continued to learn about people who help us, with a visit from one of our school governors! Mrs Murgatroyd came into our classroom this morning in her uniform, and told us all about her job. We found out why it is important to wash your hands, and used a stethoscope to hear our own heartbeats. Some children practised bandaging parts of the body, whilst others pretended to give medicine and injections. We also talked about how both boys and girls can be nurses. Thank you, Mrs Murgatroyd!

African Land Snails

A member of Ladybirds Class brought in their own pet today. We were very excited to see African land snails, as some of us had never seen one before! We found out all about the foods they eat and we even saw some eggs in the cage!

A Visit from a Vet

In Ladybirds Class, we have got well and truly stuck into our new topic called: Help Me! The children planned this topic at the end of last term, after asking lots of questions about who helps us when there is a problem. Today, we were thrilled to welcome a vet and a veterinary nurse into our classroom. They told us how they are able to work out what is wrong with an animal, and showed us some x-rays. We also loved trying out some bandaging techniques on some furry friends! It was a great opportunity to practise asking questions and we are looking forward to building on what we have found out during the rest of the week.

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