Arctic Animals

During Book Week this week, we have been exploring the story on Noah's Ark. The extremely cold weather has led the children in Ladybirds Class to have lots of questions about animals that live in cold climates. This afternoon Mrs Griffiths showed the children some animals that had been frozen in ice! The children discussed how we could get the animals out safely. They decided to put one ice cube in a bowl of 'normal water' (cold water from the tap), one in a bowl of 'warm water' and the other in 'snow' (shaving foam!) We all had a guess as to what we thought might happen and then waited to see if we were right! We discovered that the warm water melted the ice cube quickly and so, after

Hungry Caterpillar Food Workshop

It was lovely to meet Sarah today. She works with the firm that provides our school with hot meals. She talked to Ladybirds Class about how important it is to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Every child then made their own 'hungry caterpillar' healthy wrap. The children loved tasting strawberries, cucumber, water melon, grapes and many more types of fruit. The wraps were delicious too!

Goodbye, Mrs Brown!

In our assembly this afternoon, we all said farewell to Mrs Brown, our school secretary. We are very sad to see her go but we are pleased that she is looking forward to starting her new job. Thank you, Mrs Brown for all you have done for our school and for the lovely gift you gave us. We can't wait to put up our new school sign! We will miss you!

A Visit from the Army

We were really excited to meet Andy and Alex today. They told us all about their job and we asked them loads of questions! We enjoyed trying on their hats and they even helped us to do some exercise.

Chinese New Year Feast

We have been learning about Chinese New Year celebrations in RE this half term. Today we enjoyed some food tasting! We tried eating noodles with some special chopsticks and we also ate prawn crackers. We really liked the fortune cookies because there were special words inside each biscuit.

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