We are really enjoying watching the chicks and lots of children couldn't believe how much they have grown over the weekend! We are now looking after 9 chicks and they keep us entertaining with pecking, cheeping and huddling together!

New Life in Ladybirds

Egg-citing news from the Ladybirds Class!! Three eggs have hatched. The children have been taking very good care of them today. Mr Matthews even popped in to see them.

Egg Update

Look very closely at one of the eggs above .... it has a tiny crack! Here are some of the observations the children have made today: "The eggs are very fragile" "It is warm in the incubator. The temperature is 38 degrees" "I think the chicks are going to come out wet" "The chicks will use their egg tooth to tap out of the egg" "The chick in the egg is growing when it is inside the incubator" "All birds hatch out from eggs" "Snakes, alligators, spiders and ladybirds all hatch from eggs" We are looking forward to seeing some changes tomorrow .......

Special Delivery

Hurray! The eggs are here! All the children (and staff!) are looking forward to watching the eggs and we can't wait to watch them hatch. We will update with photos non this blog when we see changes.

The Odd Egg

Ladybirds Class have been sharing the story of 'The Odd Egg'. We had great fun predicting what might hatch from a green spotty egg! We even imagined what other odd eggs might look like. This afternoon we got very messy as we started to make a model of our odd eggs. We are using balloons and paper-mache to make an egg shape, and we are very excited about painting the eggs at the end of the week!


During our first week back, Ladybirds Class got stuck straight into our 'Growing' topic. We planted beans after reading 'Jasper's Beanstalk' and 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We also decided to do a bit of weeding in our outside area and have planted some sunflowers. This morning we were very excited to see that our grass heads have also sprouted after a sunny weekend!

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