Beautiful Butterflies!

The children in Ladybirds Class were very excited about releasing our butterflies this morning. We were especially please that some butterflies let us hold them before they flew away. Here are some of the comments made by the children: "Four butterflies flew away" "We got to hold the butterflies and it was good" "They felt cold and they tickled my finger!" "Now the butterflies can go wherever they want" "I love them with my whole heart" "That was amazing!"

The Life Cycle of a Frog

This half term, Ladybirds Class have been investigating 'Growing' and have explored various plants and animals. This week, the children have had a wonderful time finding out all about the life cycle of frogs. One of our favourite activities has been our sensory tub, which has frogs, stones and 'frog spawn'.

We Have Butterflies!

What a wonderful surprise it was to return to school after the weekend to find 3 butterflies in our 'Butterfly Habitat'. We have really enjoyed watching the butterflies get stronger and are making sure they have food and water. In a few days we will go onto the school field to release them!


The caterpillars have each made a chrysalis and children in Ladybirds Class have loved watching the process. This morning we carefully moved them into the Butterfly Garden Habitat and can't wait to see what happens next!

Magnox Socio-Economic Scheme

We want to say an enormous 'thank you' to Magnox Socio-Economic Scheme for granting us funding after we applied for money to purchase additional resources for our Reception Class. A few weeks ago, a new staging area was built in the outdoor area of Ladybirds Class. The children love to perform for each other and have been dancing, acting, singing and playing instruments. This week, we have also received a wonderful, wooden puppet theatre. It can be used both inside and outside, and provides the children with opportunity to retell stories and practise the vocabulary of storytelling. These resources have enabled us to ensure we are offering our pupils an engaging learning environment that m

Wonderful Writing!

Some of the children in Ladybirds Class were thrilled to go and see Mrs Green this morning and show her their writing. All of them had been writing independently and definitely deserved a sticker from Mrs Green!

Getting Ready to Fly the Nest!

Tomorrow we will be waving goodbye to our nine little chicks! We have loved having them for the last couple of weeks and we are sure they will enjoy their new life on the farm they are going to. You might be able to spot how much bigger they are now and how their wings have changed!


Ladybirds Class are continuing to learn about growing as we watch the chicks develop each day. Today we also started observing some hungry caterpillars. We are looking forward to watching how they change as they grow and have already made some predictions about what we think they will turn into eventually!

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