Fantastic Football

Yesterday, 9 of our fantastic Year 6 footballers went to the Purbeck School to compete in a mini pyramid football tournament. They worked extremely hard and played fantastically. As a result they lost 2 of their matches but also won 2 of they're matches. The best aspect about our team however, is that they represented the school brilliantly and showed the Olympic values of friendship, respect and excellence. They did this by congratulating the teams they were against whether they won or lost, speaking to each other with respect and trying they're hardest all the time. Well done Year 6 :)

Maths Open Afternoon

It was wonderful to welcome so many parents and grandparents into our school this afternoon for our Maths Open Classrooms event. We hope you enjoyed doing some maths activities alongside your child. The children were really excited to show you all their mathematical skills and want to say a huge 'THANK YOU' for coming!

Super Squirrels

Only three whole weeks in school and already we know a lot of sounds. A few children are beginning to "Fred talk" words and some are even writing some letters down ! Well done to all the children who have had a "Wow !" moment outside school; there are squirrels who are swimming, cycling without stabilisers, getting dressed all by themselves, reading and writing at home.....keep sending those little certificates in ! Here are a few pictures of children busy in the classroom or feeling poorly and then feeling better after a visit to the doctors !

The Big Red Dog!

Everyone was very excited to see Clifford the Big Red Dog in our playground after school today! He had obviously heard about the Scholastic Book Fair happening after school this week and was keen to come and see the books for himself! Thank you so much to everyone who has already purchased books. Every time you buy something from the stand, the school receives money to spend on books for our library. Remember that you can still buy books after school tomorrow but this will be the last day. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Beat the Street

Gemma, our local Beat the Street Coordinator, visited school yesterday to tell the children all about how to play the game and she created some real excitement. We hope that you'll all enjoy taking part.

Historical Letters

Badgers Class had a special delivery today. At the start of their English lesson, they received a letter from Mary. It was a letter she had written to her mother, Catherine of Aragon, whom she desperately wanted to hear news from. It was clearly very old as it was covered in dust! The children were then challenged to write a letter as if they were writing from the position of Catherine. To get into role, the class even had the opportunity to write on special writing paper and even used quill pens!

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