Rainforest Performance

Foxes Class performed an end of topic assembly for parents this week. From drumming to dancing, reading to singing, it was clear that all the children have loved their learning this term!

Thank you East Stoke and Wool Community Chest

We would like to say a huge thank you to the East Stoke and Wool Community Chest for awarding us with a grant of over £800. This money has been spent on purchasing Espresso. Espresso is an interactive software programme which covers all aspects of the curriculum.

Where have the Bog Babies gone?

Something very strange has been happening this week: all our bog babies disappeared ! We were so concerned we had to call the police and report the missing bog babies, make wanted posters and put them up around the school. Then, would you believe it, they began to be found all around the school. Two were even found in Mrs Griffiths office ! Not all have been found though so we are still looking...... Addition: Overheard this week: "I know Bog Babies aren`t real but how do they get out (the classroom) ? I think they sneak under the door."

Badgers Scary Stories

This week Badgers Class have enjoyed planning, writing, editing and publishing their own scary, suspense stories. Are you brave enough to read them....?

Busy Squirrels

A busy week has seen us "find" more and more bog babies. We know what they are because we know what bog babies look like and that has helped us write about them. Wednesday saw us outside with Mr McKaigg using the kindling and pine cones we had collected from our woodland trip to build a fire which we all lit, each of us with a match. We learnt about the triangle of fire. Somebody thought they heard thunder but it turned out that it was just Mr Charman`s tummy. Back in the classroom we have been working together to achieve all sorts of things as you can see from the photos.

Wonderful Writers

My favourite part of the day yesterday was when two members of Badgers Class came to see me in my office. They brought with them some fantastic writing! During English lessons, the children had been exploring features of a descriptive story and had written their own. The boys had each included some great similes and clever use of suspense to hook their readers. We are very proud of you!

Owls Learning Web

Year 6 have been thinking about what they already know about their new topic on Circulation. In their first lesson they created learning webs to show how much they feel they know already. This was done to stimulate their interest in their new science topic. A new learning web will be done towards the end of topic to show how the children's knowledge has developed.

Bog Baby

Ever gone fishing for a bog baby ? We will be soon now that we know what they look like. In fact, one escaped into the classroom and it was so lonely that we had to make some bog baby friends. Better ask a Squirrel what they look like. We are experts on bog babies now. We have made maps so we know where to go; practised the route we will take, climbing through, under, over , behind and around obstacles we might find on the way. More bog baby news coming next week.

Roman Day

Year 3 were very lucky to have a visit from a Roman Soldier. He showed them all his weapons and uniform. He also took them outside to learn how to march like a Roman Soldier, using their shields.

Lovely Leaves

Year 3 put their coats and wellies on and collected lots of different types of leaves from the school field. When they got back to the classroom, the children classified the leaves. By the end of the lesson, we had a board full of different types of leaves.

Our week in Squirrels

The squirrels were brilliant in church this morning for the remembrance service. We carried the poppies we had made and potato print poppy pictures with us and left them in the church ready for Sunday`s service. After the service we went on an adventure through fields and into woodland. Luckily, Mr Charman remembered to bring the milk and fruit or we might have run out of energy and not made it back to school ! We began the week making some lovely firework printed pictures accompanied by some lovely writing. We have had Badgers work with us for an afternoon which was exciting as they helped us with our artwork, reading and on the computer.

Remembrance Service

Badgers Class hosted our Remembrance Service at The Church of the Holy Rood today. The children read the poem "In Flanders Fields" and the whole school sang Make Me a Channel of Your Peace. We are incredibly proud of all of the children for showing great understanding and respect at this important time of the year. Thank you to all of the parents and carers who attended the service this morning.

Wool Bridge

We were very excited to be able to take a group of Key Stage 2 pupils over to Wool Bridge last week. We were invited by the workmen who have spent the last few months repairing the part of the bridge that collapsed earlier in the year. Kevin, who is heading up the project, spoke to the children about the historical aspects of the bridge and even allowed the children to walk under the bridge. We then got to watch the dam start to be removed and were very excited to see water begin to flow underneath the bridge again!

Spectacular Squirrels

Another busy week in which we have been counting in tens and practising writing numerals correctly; learning four new sounds which has prompted some children to go into teacher mode and "teach" each others. We have also been using computer programmes much more this week to help us blend and count. We have looked at the Hindu festival of Diwali, learnt the story of Sita and Rama, made Diwali lamps and written Diwali cards. Have a safe weekend if you are going to a bonfire and firework display.

Lunch with the Headteacher

Five children who have shown outstanding behaviour during lunchtime enjoyed eating their lunch with Mrs Griffiths today. This will be a weekly occurrence and every child will have the opportunity to earn this reward by simply displaying positive, respectful behaviour.

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