Squirrels searching for Spring

We went looking for signs of spring including evidence that the bulbs we planted a while a go were growing.....the children took photographs of the different flowers we found. Can you name these Spring flowers ? We can !

Tree Planting

On Thursday we welcomed representatives from Trees for Dorset into school. Badgers class were very hands on and spent the morning digging holes and planting trees.

Goldilocks Visit

We were lucky to be visited by Goldilocks, her sister (!) and the three bears who were able to tell us how they were feeling after events in the bear household. We did not tell Goldilocks we have made Wanted posters as we were looking for her earlier in the week to advise her that entering somebody else`s house is a definite no-no !

Cross Country at The Purbeck School

Pupils in Year 4/5/6 showed such aspiration and perseverance when running in the cross country event at the Purbeck school in very muddy conditions. Parents were very involved cheering their children on: yr4 ran 1 mile yr5 ran 1 1/2 miles and y6 ran 2 miles. Every child should feel very proud of themselves for completing the course - overall there were nearly 200 runners in very muddy conditions but luckily the sun shone and the rain stopped.

School Vision

On Wednesday 30th January, we welcomed lots of people into school to share our new school vision. Over the last few months, we have spent a lot of time reviewing our vision and considering what our new school values will be. Children took part in discussions, as did some parents, governors and staff. Thank you so much to those who came to support us. Mrs Griffiths talked about why the symbol of a tree was chosen and each class explained a different value. We are looking forward to celebrating with pupils as they demonstrate our values of love, faith, respect, perseverance and aspiration. We also joined together in singing our new school song which was composed by the children themselves

RSPB Visit to Hedgehogs

Last week, we used binoculars to find different birds. We also had to listen carefully, as we could not see some birds, but we heard lots of Robin's. We found 2 house sparrows, black-headed gull, magpies and more. How many different species can you find in your garden?

Olympic Owls

During PE Owls demonstrated Olympic Values of strength - resilience - determination and aspiration.

RSPB Visit to Squirrels

We began last week with a visit from the RSPB who taught us how to look and listen for birds. We impressed them by identifying some birds and the local bird population turned out in great numbers ! Later we built our own bird hide and kept tally charts of the birds that we saw. How many children can you see camouflaged in the hide ?

What size Squirrels!

In maths this week we have been ordering; ordering numbers by size and ordering objects by their length. We have tried to use a much wider range of vocabulary to describe size. Children have used words like, "..tiny, small, very small, quite small, medium, large, enormous, gigantic, big, biggest bigger."

Aha! Aho! Tracks in the Snow!

On inspecting the school site earlier, Mrs Griffiths spotted some interesting tracks in the snow. I wonder if you can guess who has been visiting us?

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