Active Squirrels

Squirrels can climb ! Who would have thought it ? As you can see, Squirrels have loved clambering over the apparatus this half term.....

Hedgehogs visiting the chicks

Hedgehogs were very lucky today and went to visit the chicks. The children enjoyed watching the chicks walking around and got to hold the chicks. We will go and visit them again soon.

Chick Update

All 8 eggs have now hatched and all of the children (and staff) are enjoying spending time in the Squirrels classroom.

Eggsciting Times!

Preparing our homes for the chicks, making sure each home is warm, has a drinking bowl and a food tray. But what is this mystery egg ? What will emerge ? We made some guesses which included an eagle, ducks, an otter, chicks, dinosaur, dragon and a kangaroo ! Here is the incubator with eight eggs ? When will they hatch ? This is Kong. Kong is the first chick to hatch . He emerged at 5:30pm Wednesday. The last photo shows Kong at 10:30am on Thursday. Eggstremely, eggsciting news ( and I do not mean these poor yokes), but as of 1:30pm Thursday we now have seven chicks with an eighth trying to break out. Mr Charman suspects that having met the Squirrels some of the chicks wish they were still in

Red Nose Day

Today the children came into school in non uniform sporting something red in aid of Red Nose Day. After assembly the children took part in some Red Nose Day dancing, what a great way to end the week!!

Owls Science Week Fun - Wednesday

The Big Bang Event at the Tank Museum was the highlight of our week. Pupils saw amazing robotics, 3D printers making hip joints and other exciting displays. The children were fascinated to see how engineering has helped our lives, from pregnancy tests to crash protection and even human cryopreservation.

Owls Science Week Fun - Tuesday

On Tuesday Owls class made predictions on how many drops of water they could get on a 10p piece and they were amazed to find they could get 30 - 50 drops on due to the strong forces between hydrogen and oxygen, learning that water has very strong surface tension. Adding sultanas to lemonade is an excellent way for the pupils to make observations and they were amazed to see what happened and then they had a go at explaining the science behind it!

Owls Science Week Fun - Monday

As part of the science curriculum students are learning to make predictions, observations and plan experimental designs changing one variable at a time. On Monday Owls designed electrical circuits making motors spin and buzzers buzz! These budding electricians have learnt some symbols to be able to draw a circuit and they have investigated what materials would conduct electricity.

Squirrels Science Week - Monday

Zip wires and Squirrels go together - who'd have thought it?! How fast can a squirrel, a badger and a frog go down a zip wire? We tried using wool, twine and string and a variety of methods for attaching the animals before we raced them!

Badgers Class Clay Work

On Wednesday Badgers class had the opportunity to work with a local artist creating clay leaves. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we are hoping to extend this learning opportunity to other pupils throughout the Summer term.

Hedgehogs Topic Work

In year 3, we have been learning about Papyrus paper. We made our own papyrus paper and written our names in Hieroglyphs.

Squirrels week in pictures

Finishing off the Gingerbread Man this week, plenty of subtraction, and a tennis assembly on Wednesday which inspired some tennis playing of our own. Then Mr. Charman was off on Thursday only to be replaced by Percy the Park-Keeper. For those that do not know the Percy books, the author is Nick Butterworth and many of his books have been animated . Great books to read to children.

World Book Day

Today we have celebrated World Book Day. All of the staff and children came into school dressed as their favourite book character. This morning the children gathered in the school hall and listened to stories being told by Pirate Warburton, Percy the Park Keeper, The Queen of Hearts and Matilda.

Tennis Assembly

On Tuesday we welcomed The Dean Cornish Tennis Academy into school. They delivered an engaging assembly to the whole school which the children thoroughly enjoyed. After school tennis lessons will begin on Thursday 14th March for years 3 and 4 and will then be delivered to other year groups throughout the Summer term. Please speak to the school office for further information.

Seriously Busy Squirrels

Have we really been back for only five days ??? We have had such a busy week making before then decorating gingerbread men, playing darts (!), lots of magic maths, writing and even yoga ! Enjoy the photographs to see what we have been doing.

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