Careers Afternoon

On Monday afternoon we hosted our first Careers Networking Event. The children loved having the opportunity to find out about different professions and they especially enjoyed trying out the props! I would like to thank all of the professionals for volunteering their time to support the event. All the teachers have commented about the enthusiastic discussions that followed the children's time in the hall and we hope they will continue. Tomorrow, to end careers week, the children come into school dressed as their chosen profession.

Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre

On Wednesday 19th June Mr McKaigg and I took our year 6 class to Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre. The children took part in climbing, tunnelling and sailing activities. The children demonstrated our school value of Perseverance by sticking at the activities even when they found them quite difficult. They also showed Love and Respect towards one and other by encouraging their friends during the day. Thank you to Mrs Davies and Miss Hart for supporting us on this trip.

Card Creations

This week there has been a conveyor belt of Father`s Day cards with a superhero theme produced in the Squirrels classroom. The children used their own superpowers to produce some lovely writing as you will see. Enjoy your Sunday Superheroes !

Superhero Squirrels!

Mr Charman disappeared on Monday to be replaced by the superhero, Emoji Man ! Here he is demonstrating one of his superhero skills- walking up walls. Strangely, none of the normal Squirrels were in class either. Instead we had a class of Superheroes, whose first challenge was to avoid the laser beams that criss-crossed the entrance to Reception....... Even Emoji Man used some of his dance moves to avoid the laser-beams !

Squirrels Week in pictures

Another week goes by and school has been full of visitors. We were not happy to see all of them. For example we received a letter from one of Batman`s foes..... The Riddler was up to no good; we came into school on Tuesday to find Batman tied -up and upside down from a speaker ! We have been writing about superheroes.... We were lucky to be visited by another superhero, Supertato and his nemesis the Evil Pea ! We have read about two adventures that Supertato has had. We drew our own story maps. It has also been arts week and we have been looking at Monet`s water lillies pictures. We have been inspired to paint our own versions.

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