Oak Class Nativity Update

This is a photo of Oaks class rehearsing for the Nativity but due to the secrecy regarding the performance, this photo has been redacted !

Willow Class Topic Work

This half term our class topic is The Great Fire of London. The children are well engaged with the topic and we are looking forward to welcoming parents and carers to our class assembly on Wednesday 4th December. I am delighted to share with you some of the children's fantastic interpretations of houses affected by the Great Fire of London. Thank you to the parents and carers who supported the children with these amazing home learning designs.

Scratchy, Scrunchy, Yummy Pizza

"Scratchy, Scrunchy, Yummy Pizza" That is the name given to the pizzas we made this morning over an open fire in forest school. I was not allowed to eat the pizzas as I suggested because sharing is caring ! (Nearly) everyone ate pizza with most children going back for seconds and asking for thirds; proving that if you try it you might enjoy it !

Indoor Athletics

Well done to our pupils from years 4, 5 and 6 who participated in the Indoor Athletics Competition at The Purbeck Sports Centre. Thank you to the parents and carers who came along to support their children.

Primary Leadership Academy

Pupils from Chestnut class attended the Primary Leadership Academy at The Purbeck Sports Centre. They were trained on how to lead games and activities during free play. We are very fortunate to now have ten new Bronze Sports Ambassadors in school and we hope that all children will benefit from their new skills during break and lunchtimes.

Anti-Bullying Week

On Wednesday we welcomed a member of the Safer Schools and Communities Team into school. She delivered a talk to all Key Stage 2 children about the different forms bullying can take and how by working together we can break the cycle.


On Monday members of the local community volunteered their time to come into school to help bring Wool CREWs plan of a new alter cloth to life. We would like to thank the volunteers for donating their time to work with the children and we will keep you updated with the progress over the coming weeks.

Big Morning Move!

It was fantastic to see the children and staff supporting Children in Need this morning by taking part in the Big Morning Move! Thank you for sending in your donations.

Open the Book

Today we welcomed members of the Church community to deliver an Open the Book assembly.

Our week in pictures - Oak Class

Here is a window into some of what we have been doing this week... ...introduction of the add and the equals/altogether signs ...decorating our clay Diwali lamps ...working together in PE ...introduced to some of the carols we are going to sing in our Nativity performance (Yes, really - have you counted the days left to the performance ? No ? Mr Charman has....aaahhh!)

Frosty Morning!

A chilly morning and so we thought about the birds. We decided we wanted to help them out so we made fat balls. We have hung some outside the classroom so we hope the birds will come and say hello. Back in the classroom we began to learn what some of the birds look like. Perhaps at home we will see goldfinches, long-tailed tits, blue tits, great tits , greenfinches and who knows what ?

Remembrance Day

This week our children have been writing poems and creating artwork focused around Remembrance Day and the significance of the poppy.

Whizz, Pop, Bang!!

We were a bonfire and fireworks in PE this week and we did some firework art as well. We also had hot chocolate and marshmallows around our bonfire in the classroom. Enjoy the photos.

Oak Class Campfire

Yes it is true ! For the second day this week Oak Class have sat around a bonfire and drunk hot chocolate and cooked marshmallows over an open fire; only this time the fire was real! We even sang a camp-fire song which involved a lot of actions and some dodgy singing !

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