Gingerbread Man Escapes!

This week Goldilocks has gone home, the bears have gone to walk off all the porridge they have eaten and then what happens ? The gingerbread man escapes ! To help him escape we have drawn escape maps for him, labelling the places he went on his journey. We used our maps to act out the story as we gave chase to the gingerbread man during our P.E. time.

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Yummy, yummy porridge with added fruit said Daddy Bear , Mummy Bear and Baby Bear. Having tried out the fruit toppings and decided on our personal favourites, Oaks children created a pictogram chart; from that a tally chart so Mr Charman knew what he needed when he went shopping for the picnic. Here are some pictures of our cuddly friends tucking into our healthy delicious porridge. Oaks children even allowed Mr Charman`s panda to come to the party - I think it was out of sympathy though most of the class thought his panda was ageing better than he was!

Oak Class RSPB Birdwatch

Having hung our bird feeders out last week, today we built hide outs and recorded the birds we saw. We uploaded our data to the RSPB website. Back in the classroom we made a tally chart and human graph to show our information.

A Cold Welly Walk

The first cold spell of the winter meant we just had to go out for a welly walk onto the frosted field. We had fun with the ice and experimented with where we could out the ice to make it melt faster. Some discovered that we can slip up on icy ground and our bottoms are a good place to land-on !

Oak's first blog of 2020!

What a start to the year with me being out for three days (and it is rare for me to be out for a day never mind three). The children have been brilliant at looking after three supply teachers, as well as Miss Hardy and coped well with the changes. We have been busy learning about taking away, learning new sounds ay, ee, igh and oo, making bird feeders and we have had Messy Church for the first time. Next week is back to normal and we hope to see some of you at 2pm to share with you our maths learning. Be proud of your children, I am !

Football Match

We played our first match of 2020 after school on Thursday. It was a dark, wet and windy afternoon but the team demonstrated resilience and fantastic team spirit. Well done!

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