Chestnut Class Forest School

Despite the very wet weather conditions Chestnut class managed to enjoy their Primary Forest School lesson today. Part of the lesson was spent learning first aid skills and then the children enjoyed toasting and eating marshmallows outside.

Dinosaur Forest School Stomp

We have become dinosaurs, gone on a dinosaur hunt, made dinosaur footprints , sung like dinosaurs (honestly) and chased Mr C away in a dinosaur way ! We even invented "glocks!" as one of the photos reveals.

Dinosaur Bug

We have been affected by a new bug to hit Dorset - the WELOVEDINOSAURS bug. Can you name and count the shapes we have used to make our dinosaurs ? We have even "found" dinosaur skeletons. And we have discovered that within the class we have an Askalotaquestionasaurus, a Challengemeanopterix and a Thinkalotaraptor. Which type of dinosaur is your child ?

Shrove Tuesday

Happy pancake day! The children have enjoyed learning all about why we celebrate pancake day and how to make pancakes. Their favourite part was eating the pancakes.

Well-being Week

On day two the children got 'active'. Bikeability set obstacles courses up for the children, as well as playing games of stuck in the mud and what's the time Mr Wolf.

Well-being Week

AFC Bournemouth coaches joined us in the morning to teach some of the children ball skills and in the afternoon Key Stage 1 children enjoyed doing gymnastics with Athena Burns. They used the mats to practice forwards rolls, handstands and cartwheels.

Science Club

Yes, electricity is dangerous but you can have fun too !

Gingerbread Men

Here they are in all their glory pre-escape. I have heard quite a few foxes finished them off though !

Dorset Fire and Rescue Visit

Your little own firefighter clambered into a fire engine and used a hose to drown the school and neighbouring trees this morning. Please ask them about the fire and rescue service visit. They will hopefully remember the messages about not touching matches, lighters, smoke alarms and what to do in case a fire alarm goes off.

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