Welcome to Chestnut Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Warburton

Teaching Assistant: Mr McKaigg

Welcome to Chestnut Class

This term Chestnut class are learning about human biology in science including the digestive system and how to live a healthy life in PSHE lessons. We will be moving on to the heart and circulation and will be making mock blood and hopefully dissecting pigs hearts. We hope every child will have a go but will offer an alternative activity for those who need to leave.

We are learning about the Ancient Maya who inhabited Central America 2000 years ago - arts, writing, dance and historical achievements. We will be making Mayan masks and creating music and dance around the Mayans. In Maths we will be learning about Fractions, Decimals and Percentages as well as statistics and algebra.  In English we will be writing stories, explanation text on an animal of their choice who live  in the rain forest around Mexico or Costa Rica and learning about how chocolate is made including cooking some delicacies involving chocolate!

Our PE days are now Tuesday and Wednesday and forest school will continue after February

half term.

Please encourage your child to read daily or read to them daily, to regularly do Times Tables Rock Stars as knowing the tables makes Maths so much easier to grasp.

Doodle Maths tutorials and activities will further embed your child's understanding.

We also have Espresso Discovery login is: student10898  password is: school, this is a great website to support Grammar and topic and Maths activities too.

Code.org is excellent for your child to practice their coding too.

Do come in for a chat if there are any concerns about your child and their learning progress.