Welcome to Chestnut Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Warburton

Teaching Assistant: Mr McKaigg

Welcome to Chestnut Class

This term the new Chestnut’s class will be learning about two important historical events: the first half will be about the Roman Invasion of Britain and how this impacted on the people and environment of Britain. We will be exploring Roman Battles – road buildings and architecture and comparing the landscapes and people of Britain and Italy in the time of the Invasion. We will also look at evidence of the invasion today in our local area.

The second half of term will be on the German occupation of Europe and the potential invasion of Britain (WW2), specifically on the Battle of Britain and the evacuation of children from cities to the country – reading and writing around the book Goodnight Mr Tom. We will remember the fallen by writing poetry and prayers for our Remembrance service and researching war artists and poets. If any of your family has any stories around the wars it would be lovely to share with your child. Every subject will be ideally linked to the current topic of study for the pupils to appreciate the impact of invasions of Britain specifically of the local area they live in.

In year 5/6 all pupils will be learning and regularly practising the statutory word lists to become competent spellers. They will be reading and working on a class book every day which is Roald Dahl’s life history called Boy. As well as comprehension activities pupils will need to read their own novel daily and regularly access the Accelerated Reader software which will support in the tracking of reading progress. There is clear evidence that those children who read regularly at home make greater progress in their learning. In Maths we will be securing their understanding of number and place value leading on to standard methods of addition/subtraction/multiplication and division. As part of their daily learning and homework pupils need to practise their times tables in order to be secure in all of them by the end of year6. At Wool we encourage the use of Times Tables Rock Stars and times tables games. A weekly Maths challenge will be given for Homework which could be on Doodle Maths which is linked to the current learning.

There may also be a piece of topic work for homework also. PE will be generally on Tuesdays and Fridays but we may decide to do an activity linked to Maths/English with may be very active so will require a PE kit change therefore a PE kit should be kept in school at all times.

Do come in for a chat if there are any concerns about your child and their learning progress.