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Active Travel

Getting to Wool Primary School


Factoring in how your child/ren will be travelling to school is an important thing to consider. At Wool Primary School, we encourage children to travel actively by walking, cycling and scooting to school for all or a part of their journey. This benefits their physical and mental health. Fewer families travelling to school by car will reduce congestion and help to improve air quality outside the school gates, making a safer and more pleasant environment for all to enjoy. 


Benefits of active travel

  • Build physical activity into the family’s daily routine to boost mental health and well-being, whilst benefiting the environment. 
    Your children will arrive at school more alert and relaxed, knowing they are helping their world.
  • Fewer cars mean cleaner air and safer roads
    You experience far lower pollution levels when on a bike or walking than if you travel inside a car.  
  • Increase road safety awareness and boost independence
    Cycling and walking to school prepares your children to become more independent travellers and creates good habits for their active adult life. 

Park and stride

Wool Primary School is surrounded by residential properties. On street parking is limited directly around the school. We understand that some parents and guardians may need to drive to school. If doing so, please park respectfully. There is ample free parking available at The D'Urberville Centre located along Colliers Lane.

This map shows the approximate 5 (red area) and 15 minute (purple area) walking zones around our school. 

Sustrans will also be leading a Road Safety Day on Friday 26th April. Each class will take part in a workshop relevant to their age group. Your child/ren will bring a paper consent form home this week for you to complete and return in order for your child to take part in these sessions. 

The deadline to return the consent form is Thursday 25th April.