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Relationships and Behaviour

It is crucial that all children feel safe, secure and happy in school in order for them to grow in confidence and achieve their full potential. We are fully committed to enabling children to flourish, and this is seen in our school vision: “Rooted in the community to grow and flourish”. This is only possible where the ethos of the school permeates every aspect of school life and has consistent values. Relationships are key and underpin our school vision where the emphasis is on community working together to ensure children are successful learners. We have therefore made a conscious decision to rename the Behaviour policy to Relationships policy to ensure the emphasis is made primarily to cause (relationships) and that behaviour is usually an effect of this. All staff will encourage an atmosphere where children feel valued and cared for and where everyone is mutually respectful.


Wool Primary have adopted a therapeutic approach to behaviour within our school and staff follow the principles of ‘Steps’: “An approach to behaviour that prioritises the prosocial experiences and feelings of everyone within the dynamic” This approach alongside our school’s journey in becoming a Trauma and Attachment aware school ensures we focus on the development of relationships, in a prosocial way, at the core.