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Arctic Animals

During Book Week this week, we have been exploring the story on Noah's Ark. The extremely cold weather has led the children in Ladybirds Class to have lots of questions about animals that live in cold climates. This afternoon Mrs Griffiths showed the children some animals that had been frozen in ice! The children discussed how we could get the animals out safely. They decided to put one ice cube in a bowl of 'normal water' (cold water from the tap), one in a bowl of 'warm water' and the other in 'snow' (shaving foam!)


We all had a guess as to what we thought might happen and then waited to see if we were right! We discovered that the warm water melted the ice cube quickly and so, after a while, we decided to put all the ice cubes into the warm water.


We had great fun talking about icebergs and even went on to use the computer to find out more about arctic animals.