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Oak Class Phonics

Whilst learning our phonics each day, we turn over the cards and look at the pictures. Then we can work out that the first letter of each word is the same for all. Having a list of "L" words on Thursday meant we could make up a story using the L words. Here is our story. 


Once upon a time there was a lizard on a leaf. He was looking at some lemons in a tree. The lemons were high up so the lizard fetched a ladder. He climbed up the ladder and licked his lips before starting to eat the lemons. The lizard did not notice people coming who chopped down the trees because they needed lots of logs for a fire. Lizard fell to the ground. The people carried him inside a house and put him under lamp light to make him feel better. Then they gave the lizard a lemon lollipop and the lizard felt much better.

Mr Charman tells us we will not win the Booker Prize but our stories help us hear and recognise the initial letter in a word; helps us use our imagination to create a story along with helping us build words as he writes the words on the board with sound buttons for us to blend and read.

Mr Charman drew a story map to help us remember the story. He cannot draw very well but he does his best.  We do this each day to help us learn the new sound. We also practice writing the letter in the air with one of Mr Charman`s magic pens before we practice on wipe-boards and then paper. We hope you like the photos that explain our phonics. Mr Charman is proud of us for the sounds we have learnt and our reading. We`ve only been in school nineteen times !