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Eggsciting Times!

Preparing our homes for the chicks, making sure each home is warm, has a drinking bowl and a food tray.



But what is this mystery egg ? What will emerge ? We made some guesses which included an eagle, ducks, an otter, chicks, dinosaur, dragon and a kangaroo !



Here is the incubator with eight eggs ? When will they hatch ?



This is Kong. Kong is the first chick to hatch . He emerged at 5:30pm Wednesday. The last photo shows Kong at 10:30am on Thursday.

Eggstremely, eggsciting news ( and I do not mean these poor yokes), but as of 1:30pm Thursday we now have seven chicks with an eighth trying to break out.

Mr Charman suspects that having met the Squirrels some of the chicks wish they were still inside their eggs !