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At Wool Primary School we are committed to providing all children with a robust and varied maths curriculum that is rooted in maths talk where they are encouraged to see the mathematics that surrounds them everyday and enjoy developing vital life skills in this subject.

“The intention of teaching for Mastery is to give all children access to equitable classrooms, classrooms where they can all participate and be influential, and classrooms where they are encouraged and supported to develop a deep understanding of the mathematics being explored.” Jurassic Maths Hub 2019.

At Wool Primary School we have designed a maths curriculum based upon mastery where children behave as mathematicians. We are inspired by our school values of perseverance, love, faith, respect and aspiration to be the best we can be in maths. Our children make and explain maths decisions on a daily basis across the curriculum. Our children see mistakes as stepping stones to learning and understand that real learning is not about getting everything right but using resilience and growth mind-set to support them on their learning journey. Being able to talk mathematics is of extreme importance and teachers facilitate, model, question and support children to develop their skills of articulating their thinking. At our school our children use Maths Sentence Stems to explain and justify their mathematical reasoning.

As our vision statement states, all members of our school community are “rooted in the community to grow and flourish.” Our teachers are involved with the Maths Mastery Readiness program for the next three years to develop our understanding of maths pedagogy which will further enhance the development of our children as excited learners.

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