Part of the School Community

Our vision directly refers to the significant and positive impact our community has on our children at Wool Primary.  The church community is very much involved in our school in a number of ways and enables us to enhance the provision we offer.

Collective Worship

Rev Carol or leaders from Holy Rood Church, lead our collective worship sessions once a week.  During this time, we often meet in the church so that children are able to experience worship and reflection in this setting.

Lots of members of the church community come together to lead Open the Book sessions once a fortnight.  Children love these interactive and dramatic retellings from Bible stories!

Messy Vintage

Rev Carol and some friends from the church community visit the school once a week to lead Messy Vintage sessions.  These involve members of the older generation working with some of our younger pupils to complete crafts and activities that stem from Biblical teachings.  It is a really special time and conversations reflect the value questioning and discussion can have on our personal spiritual journeys.


Rev Carol is our Vice Chair and sits on the Governing Body at Wool Primary.  We also have additional members of the church community volunteer in this way.  

We welcome Mrs Matthews once a week as she spends time with small groups of children out of the class.  Her sessions provide opportunities to talk, laugh and share worries in a safe space.

Some members of the church community are also regularly seen listening to children read during the school day.  We are very grateful to everyone who takes on this role and the children love spending time with them and celebrating successes together!