PTFA - Parents, Teacher and Friends Association

We welcome you to the PTFA page of our website

All Parents who have children at our school automatically become members of our PTFA. We depend on as many of you as possible to come to our regular meetings to help plan and run many fun events throughout the year, such as the Summer Fair, the Christmas Fair, Wool Carnival, Film nights, discos and so much more........

The money raised at these events is used to fund our annual whole school pantomime trip, coach trips for each class, new sports and playground equipment to name just a few. This year alone the PTFA pledge all funds to support and enhance the school for example, the fundraised from May onwards to purchase new, much needed laptops and ipads.

Our Current members for 2019-2020 are:

Chairperson: Imogen Le Sueur (Parent)

Treasurer: Megan Barnes (Parent)

Secretary: Tracey Hayward (Parent)

Staff Representative: Mr D McKaigg

Member: Liz Maidment (Parent)

Member: Emma Stephens (Parent)

Member: Jess Fisher (Parent)

Member: Ciska Barry (Parent)

Member: Liz Salmon (Parent)

Our upcoming events:

Friday 27th March - Hat/Head Wear Day in return for a bottle donation

Friday 27th March - Quiz Night in the school hall - 17:00 - 19:00

Saturday 18th April - Family Event at The Ship Inn

Saturday 16th May - Spring Fair