SEND at Wool CE VA Primary School

'Wool CE VA Primary School is an inclusive school.  We have high expectations for all our children and provide the very

best education we can for all, irrespective of their educational or medical needs. 

Special Educational Needs and Disability(SEND) provision at Wool is flexible and varied in order that all our children

have equal opportunities to access the full curriculum, with reasonable modification or support. This may take the form

of adapting the learning environment, providing specific resources or a learning support assistant working with a child

in class or for individual or small group intervention work.


We aim to work closely with parents to ensure the best provision for our children with SEND. We have an 'open door' policy

so parents can share any concerns and regular meetings are held with the class teacher to review progress.  

We also work with outside agencies and therapists to acquire extra support for children who have specific needs.  As a staff we regularly undertake ongoing professional development to enable us to meet the needs of our children. 

Miss Natasha Hardy, is responsible for coordinating SEND with support from a strong and passionate pastoral team. Our Governor with responsibility for SEND is Mr Mike Glanville.

For more detail about how we support our children with SEND, please see the information report below.

Our policies for SEND as well as Disability and Equality are available on the policy page. Alternatively, Miss Hardy would be very pleased to answer anything you would like to know about how we support children with SEND or any medical condition.'

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Miss N Hardy


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